Industrial Internet of Things

2nd year
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ECTS range:
3-7 ECTS


Rosario Garroppo


General knowledge of telecommunications networks and Internet. Basic principles of wireless communications.

Pedagogical objectives:

Expertise in the technological and design aspects that characterize the communication systems in the industrial environment, proficiency in the protocols and solutions necessary for the integration of heterogeneous technologies in an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, essential skills for managing the nodes of an IIoT system and for collecting and processing data, knowledge of the most common wireless communication technologies in the industrial world and the IoT.

Evaluation modalities:

Oral/written exam and project/assignment/lab reports.


The course presents the technical issues related to communication in an industrial environment and to IIoT technologies, protocols and architecture. The presentation highlights the main differences between the performance requirements in commercial and in industrial networks. An introduction of the application layer protocols is given for providing a general overview of a complete IIoT system.

During the course seminars and workshops will be provided on research topics related to the course.


  • Introduction to IoT and IIoT: Basic concepts of IIoT and Industry 4.0. Performance parameters of industrial networks – Overview of technologies for industrial networks.
  • Wireless communication technologies for IoT: LoRaWAN, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy, the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, ZigBee.
  • Protocols for the integration of heterogeneous technologies: adaptation layer protocols (e.g. 6LowPAN, SCHC), requirements for routing protocols in WSN and IoT, the RPL protocol. IoT application layer protocols for IoT (e.g. MQTT, the CoAP)
  • Lab Activity: configuration of an IoT system (e.g. using MQTT application based on Docker, Contiki OS and Cooja, LoRa devices).

Complementary content:

  • Cellular technologies for IIoT:  LTE and 5G IIoT.
  • Industrial Wired Communication Technologies: Fieldbus overview. Evolution towards Industrial Ethernet. Functions and protocols of IEEE Time Sensitive Networking technology.

Required teaching material

All material is made available on the course e-learning web site. [books] Riccardo Melen - Vittorio Trecordi, IoT Networking, Ed. Pearson, 2023 Shelby, Zach; Bormann, Carsten. 6LoWPAN: the wireless embedded internet. Chichester, West Sussex, U.K. ; Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2009. ISBN 9780470747995. Gómez, C; Paradells Aspas, Josep; Caballero Herrero, José Eugenio. Sensors everywhere: wireless network technologies and solutions. [S.l.]: Fundación Vodafone España, cop. 2010. ISBN 9788493474058. Richard Zurawski, Industrial Communication Technology Handbook, 2nd edition, CRC Press, December 2017. [devices] Personal Computer with 16 GB of RAM

Teaching volume:
18-40 hours
0-7 hours
Supervised lab:
2-28 hours


  • Laboratory-Based Course Structure
  • Open-Source Software Requirements