European AI4CI Master Artificial Intelligence for Connected Industries

The AI4CI master is a European master opened at Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Cnam), Paris downtown, France, as well as at partner universities in Germany, Romania, Spain, Ukraine.

The master training program covers:

  • fundamentals of artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to networked systems.
  • automatics and advanced automation, for industrial networks and robotics;
  • advanced network architectures, IoT and computer systems;

The master teachers include world-class academics from our european partners and industry experts active in the master technical areas on international, European and national collaborative industrial research projects (H2020, ANR), standardization and open-source bodies (ONF, IETF, ETSI).

The master is opened in the following European cities across which mobility for 1 or 2 semesters is supported by the Erasmus+ framework:

and integrates courses and traineeships offered and taught by personnel from companies and other universities:

Besides point teaching from experts from Ericsson, Orange, Thales. The AI4CI can benefit from cloud computing and publishing services from TANHOST and KMB (Ukraine).

The AI4CI master is co-funded by the European Commission, Digital Europe Programme, managed by HADEA (contract nb: 101123524).


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